Two Minute Reports for Google Data Studio

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Written By Mohateasam Pavel


Are you looking for a tool that can help you monitor your campaigns and analyze key metrics across your marketing channels? If so, you’ll be interested in Two Minute Reports, which allows you to do just that! This is a handy tool that can save you time and hassle and will help you track the progress of your campaigns more effectively.

Use Cases For Two Minute Reports

  • Campaign Manager is a complete KPI dashboard for Ad Platforms
  • Monitors campaign performance with customizable metrics like CTR, CPC, ROAS, and conversion rate
  • Customizable report templates: You can customize your own report with all the information you need about your campaign’s performance
  • Marketing Teams create comprehensive Interactive dashboards comparing performance across Top Marketing Channels for management/clients to understand ROI between different channels and give an overview of their Marketing Activities

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